Dead Tour Tales Episode 21: Out Now!

Check out our newest podcast episode, featuring Pete Sawyer of The Left Hand Monkey Wrench Gang and Brightshine.

November New Releases!

Jerry Hand - Flower of Life tees & hoodie
Terrapin Station/Thrasher beanies

Tour Head

“I Was an

Acid Fueled

Teenage Dead Fiend!”

By Nordy


We’d love to handle any of your merchandising needs email for help with: screen printing, embroidery, promotional products

Always a Hoot Studios delivers top quality merch blending Grateful Dead inspired designs with our influences in punk rock, tattoo, surfing and skateboarding subcultures. We proudly produce hand screen printed apparel & posters, embroidered headwear and more and can be found online, on tour, at a festival or in dusty parking lots from coast to coast.

Always A Hoot Studios

December 2020 marked the genesis of Always a Hoot Studios, a haven where the legacy of the
Grateful Dead’s free spirit marries the audacity of punk rock and the grit of skate culture.

Our mission transcends merchandising; it’s about weaving the communal ethos of Dead tour
and music festivals, the rebellion of tattoo ink and the camaraderie of a skate park into every
fiber of our apparel.

We collaborate with stellar artists who resonate with our vision, carving out visually captivating
designs that echo the profound impact of the music that inspires us.

Each stroke of design embodies our gratitude towards Grateful Dead culture and the infinite
inspirations infused into our lives.

We proudly print on Bella+Canvas

Using their eco-friendly production process, Bella+Canvas aims to reduce both water and energy usage as well create zero waste.

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